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As I go through your photos, I can hear my heart shattering. I try to put up an act and give a smile back to everyone near me… but I can’t help at night to think about you and remember all those beautiful moments that we spent together…
makes me wonder…
Was it so easy for you to leave and forget about it all? I wish I could ask but I know the answer is only going to hurt more than to fix the problem.
I remember when we first started dating, I told you about my past and I was afraid to do so because I thought it would drive you away, but it didn’t, you stayed and I loved that.
Now I can’t stop thinking about why you left… I was there for you, I helped you improve and see life in a different way… I helped you improve your grades, get a better job, and I supported you with different hardships.
Now that you are okay, I am the one with problems, mentally and physically… instead of being there for me, you told me that you can’t help me and left.
How is this fair I thought… it doesn’t matter anymore… I still love you, but I can’t help but wonder… since when did you stop caring about me… since when you stopped loving me… since when did you used me for attention… and just why did you do me like this… I thought that we were going to end up together forever, and even though I had never imagined/wanted myself married and with children, I was willing to do it because you wanted it…
That’s how much I love you, now everything is in the past, and all I have left is the sounds of my heart crushing at the sight of your pictures.

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I can imagine what you must be feeling and going through. No matter what kind of breakup, it always hurts and leaves you questioning your own identity and sense of self. And I know you’re not really looking for any tips or advice, but nonetheless, just wanted to add that it gets better with time. Especially when you didn’t break up the relationship or don’t have any guilt. It seems like the hardest pain right now, I know, but it gets better with time, I promise!


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