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As each day is passing by as I’m getting more and more lonely. It’s getting harder and harder to survive. I feel like being in crowd removes that loneliness but reality hits harder when I’m all by myself at the end of the day

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I too had the same issues…no one to share my problems with…hope following points help
1) feel connection with God…we wander around looking for someone while taking him for granted who is always there for us…ready to help
2) There are so many unfortunate people in this world who are lonely like orphan children, abandoned elderly… spend some time with them, try to do something significant for them…and if u lack resources make it your mvision and focus on a goal achieving which would let you help them as much as u wish to(now don’t go into fear of not being able to achieve that goal…u just work honestly…leave everything to God.
3) If due to COVID restrictions, u are not able to meet them in person…collaborate with NGOs which and teach underprivileged kids online…and may be others which allows you to interact with them online
Go for this
U will certainly feel better


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