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Amitesh Rana @nikh

As a science student , my mom n dad always had a dream of me studying at an IIT. So I started studying for it. But I failed on my 1st attempt ( 12th class attempt) so I dropped a year and studied …I cleared the exam but unfortunately I was only selected for preparatory course at IIT Jodhpur…so I completed that course ( 1 year course ) and from 6th of December my 1st year classes will start…but the thing that eating me up is my school friends are already in 3rd year meanwhile me starting my 1st year now 🥲🥺

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i am 20 years old , i had prepared reallyhard for jee in my 11th and 12th , but didnt got a chance to study in iit , i am currently studying in a private college in indore, trust me, studying in an IIT is a privellage , Value it.

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It’s common for folks to take a drop and still not clear the exam. Happened to me in jee. Yes, seeing your friends moving ahead feels discouraging and second guessing of your decision but what’s done is done and you can’t change anything about that. Instead focus on the bright side that you’re going to be in our where you get much better opportunities. It’s in your hands to choose what to emphasise on : others moving ahead or you moving ahead

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Hey, I’ve been there too. I did not pass the exam after 12th. Then I decided to drop the year off and moved to another city and started preparing for it. But that year just changed me as a whole. I couldn’t focus and prepare. I was living away from my parents for the first time. And I failed again. I got admitted in very low and not known institute. And my friends on the other hand were way ahead. But since I day the year changed me a lot. And j don’t regret it at all. Because it taught me a lot. You have to do your own my guy. Don’t compare and feel bad about what you couldn’t do and where you are. Where you are is what was meant to be and trust me God is setting the right paths. I hope you will realise this after some years and this was meant to be. If this would not have happened you would not have got what awaits you. All the best and focus on your current situation. Make the best out of it. I know it’s hard but you can always try. :))


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