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hormonalteenage... @akirazarisgem

As a mental health patient it feels worse when people whom u love the most leave u …due to your own abnoxious behaviour …u don’t want to but you can’t can’t help it either u feel so regretful for the same feels like ki murder kar diya ho maine kisika …my parents my siblings my friends my cousins whoever tries to help me I ruin everyone and everything… mujhe karna hi ni hai aur ab kisi se baat… I feel koi mujhe maar de ya my parents should also leave me…ill am worse than useless…to them to everyone…I’ll yry again to fight back ill fail again in this process ill hurt someone again eventually causing them to leave me I am fed up

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aman ansari @noble_nugget_...

it’s gonna be okay dude


Be kind to yourself. I know you are in pain and it hurts so much but be gentle to yourself. It’s hard life’s hard but you are getting through you slowly are getting through. Trust yourself.


Hey sab thik hojyga calm down …you will eventually learn how to get out of all this … 🫂 all the best 🙃


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