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As a child, i grew up people bullying me, not physically but verbally. Every time they would tell something that would hurt my feelings, i would just laugh it out without letting them know how i feel about it. And as I grew up as a teen, my confidence is so low that im so shy to even approach people who i know. It such a shame to me that because of people telling negative things to me it made me lose my confidence and I cant even voice out whats on my mind. And I dont even post pictures of me on social media because the thought that people might make fun of it. All people always give comments about my life!!!

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


You need to work on your personality. Do not let such people feel you so low in your life as you are important. And there must be someone in your life that is understanding you and not making fun of you. Do not have a fear of negative people and keep growing!


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