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As a boy what kind of effort do you expect from girl that make you fall in love with you!??

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efforts more over she should be sensible and cooperative should understand the situation
should respect

Arjun @arjun_0

Loyalty, honesty.
We expect atleast 1 sigle time she should be able to tell to her father that she loves a boy. .


Can you say in English please. I dont know hindi


Acha ok. I mean to say.
To fall in love with a girl. A boy can ger honesty. How loyal she is towards him…
Later or earlier shes should be avle to tell to her father that she waht that man… Ir that happen. We can blindly marry her…shes a keeper .a wife material … Every man need such women… We can fall for her if shes able to be brave wth her father abt him…i mean to say.

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