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Art is all i ever wanted to do… I wanted to do it my whole life …through trial and tribulation…abuse and hell …i still wanted to be an animator…didnt have the money to go to college… Didnt gave the courage to pursue it…now im 26 and messed up mentally…and didnt even achieve my dream… There are younger artists… And even as i still draw i find my self esteem highly lacking…and these younger artists are leagues ahead of me in skill of animation( not necessarily artwise) but in all the technology im so frustrated to learn by myself.
. …i just feel like i really failed…and it was the only thing i wanted to do… …the only thinng that kept hope alive for me…and i failed.


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Hey, its not a good idea to put yourself down. You are important and its not necessary for you to think down about yourself. If not today, you will be able to achieve things later. Its ok to take time, and its ok to wait for things to fall in place. Have faith in you and do not put yourself down in your eyes. You did not failed, its just that you must be taking some time for your skills to enhance. Do not compare yourself with anyone.


Thank you for your response, I appreciate your words. It’s hard to not compare your success with others especially online, where many aspects of people’s lives are available. I really struggle with this aspect because I’m not one to share personal aspects of myself, unless …anonymously lol.

Anyways, thanks.

Being anonymous and sharing your feeling is a big step as well. Its really great to bring your emotions out. And you should be proud of yourself. Sharing your emotions with someone and asking or seeking for help if needed are the signs of strong big moves. Have a great time exploring your skills!


Hello. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Never compare yourself to other people. If you really love animation there are so many ways to learn… there are a lot of free online tutorials out there. Just keep learning. Trust the process and you will get there. Also be patient as learning my take time. But it will be worth it.


Thanks for your words and I appreciate your words. I find that it’s hard to even do art as a hobby these days, because I feel I’m not getting anywhere with it currently. I am becoming stagnant, and I start to feel very conscious about it, to a point where I don’t even share or finish works. But I am working this out within myself…all I’m doing is wasting time thinking I suppose.


I’ve seen an artist never fails to mark their presence irrespective of age. Also patience is the biggest asset for an artist.

Don’t give up so easily it doesn’t matter how you lack to keep up with younger generation. What matters is your love for the animation and quest for learning.

You can enroll for online courses to improve your skills and find a way to showcase your work. It will help you to build your confidence.

Quitting is failure while trying to succeed is one step closer towards your achievement.


I agree, quitting is the failure; but I feel that I doubt myself so much, that inevitably, I will fail anyhow, because I’m not trying as hard as I should because it’s pointless. I see that this negative thinking can lead …and had led…to downward spiral of thoughts…and it’s hard to reverse what has been done …as opposed to taking a new step forward …even with much of the time that has passed is gone…anyhow I appreciate your words…positive thinking is the only way to go I suppose.


Yes, you got it right. The good thing is you know your weak points all you need to do is have some faith & hope to overcome them also refrain thoughts of self doubt.

No one but only you can find a way out from this situation. Others, can only point you in the right direction. Sort yourself and do the right thing to make this work don’t think about the end result.

Have good day and life ahead!!