Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Are you having trouble separating reality from fantasy? Do you hear voices? Do you believe someone is reading your mind and controlling your thoughts? Are your thoughts “off” and are you having difficulty expressing how you feel, act, and think? Dont be afraid to share your feelings with us.

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No one 111 @jarul

My thoughts are definitely off and I do tend to dissociate every now and then. Mostly when I’m Not staring at a screen.

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I am 25 years old. I don't speak alot. I don't care about irRead more

Natalie @cant

How do I get help with my mental health? I am unable to travel.

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Zealous @aidinghearts

Mind have million monkeys jumping here and there going no whRead more
My partner doesnt believe that i was abused by my parents because now we get along well and he loves them a lot….it hurts a lot. I described summarily what i went through but i couRead more

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It's like I've lost my self since 5 years , like I've been lRead more

Shravani @bluecrush87

Not well

tushara @tushara

Waiting to get reports of my mental health tests.😔3 more daRead more
Life is much easier is seen as a scavenger hunt as opposed tRead more