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Juna @juna

Are you an Indian, in your 20s and think you might have ADHD??
Please share how you are managing it.

I am a 3rd-year college student right now (5th Sem). I had to go home in the middle of the second semester itself when the lockdown had started. While studying from home, I started facing major executive dysfunction… It was about a month ago when I got to know about ADHD and based on my basic online research about it, I think I probably have Inattentive type ADHD. But now, I don’t know what to do next. If you are someone who has already been through this or are experiencing rn, do write about it. in the reply.

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Hey umm honestly speaking, I believe that if you search an illness online then you will conclude that you have it. It’s just how online searching is… Google might even declare you dead and you will believe it.
So don’t rely on it and consult someone physically.
Even I searched about it and felt like I had ADHD. But I’m not sure obviously. Give it some time I guess. You might improve during offline classes

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I’m was diagnosed with adhd last month. Contact a professional first. Then you will realise there’s no cure for ADHD it’s hereditary. We need to help each other to learn skills and strategies to overcome it that’s it that’s all we can do.

Neha @nehacation


Yes, I also watched vedios on YouTube about ADHD and related to most of them. So consulted a psychiatrist, he put me on Atomoxetine. Been 2 weeks. They say it takes about 8weeks to show any affect. Let’s see. Want a ADHD coach now. Let’s see…

Anushka Singh @modest_whis...


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