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Appreciate where you are, right at this moment. It sounds cheesy but its true. There have been so many phases that have been marred with me nitpicking on how i wasnt good looking enough( it still makes me cringe actually writing it), its like whispering a secret into the world, especially for someone who looked like she didnt care at all.
In the back of my head, i was always shying away from candids because i was afraid and embarrassed how not looking good, covering it up with self deprecating humour.But sometimes, i look back at certain pictures and i realise i wasnt that bad. I could have appreciated the hell out of myself instead of obsessing.But before you know the cycle repeats. I just want to say that people win hearts not by faces but by who they are, atleast in my opinion. This is going to be something i am going to consciously work upon because that girl that I unconsciously belittled needed to feel beautiful.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Omg this is something I was talking about just yesterday! It’s so so true. Shit. It’s like an evolution honestly, learning to accept yourself. I resonate with this so much. Till last year, I used to shy away from candids and think 100 times before posting anything on social media and I always needed someone’s validation before doing anything. But oh how I’ve changed in the past year. It’s so liberating!


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