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Anyone with poems ✨

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Vibes ❤


Look at the sky,
Either sun or stars
Either bright or dark,
All it’s matter is time.

Walk on the flowers,
As it’s petal is dancing,
Wind blew as calm as its came,
Getting you into the land of spring

Hand reached the rose,
Pluck it or not,
Every thing is a soul,
Keep it beauty by letting it free

Fell into the hole,
No ladders or roots to hold into,
Stay or leave,
It’s the matter of choice.

Summer or winter,
Different seasons with a different feelings
Hate or not,
It’s passed after we faced it

Rain and rainbow,
As its name are united,
There will be no rainbow,
If There is no rain

Stars are shining on the night sky,
But not at the bright day,
So,look at the sun as its Morning,
And stared to the night sky as The star is dancing.
Appreciate what in the moment,
Before you enjoy another moment

Wind blew calmly,
As The water are with it’s flow,
It’s follow the flow even If the rocks is There,
Because at the end,its will still united with the other Waters.

Take what u have
Appreciate what you see
Learn what to take
And know what to appreciate.

Lmao,idk about poems too much but,this is All what I can think by my own opinion noe




No memories in my head
What occupies it instead?
Is it fantisies
Or is it Endless worries.
Who can replace these thoughts
If not the cause,
I’m left with no other choice.


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