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anyone want to hear me?

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Kushagra @kushgpt



Yes :)

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Priyanka @jknm

you are in the endless loop of Procrastination
You procrastinate --Feel guilty --panic and then again in order to subside that feeling you again watch movies .
So first thing na be gentle on yourself dealing with your setbacks na is not an easy task. So give yourself time
first thing you need to do is eliminate distraction : yeaah your netflix youtube instagram reels just delete those app
Then your study environment i hope its clutter free like you know where things are and you know what you need to have this little goals for you like for half an hour just 15 mins one topic kind of thing or two depending on your grasping but complete it one hour every 15 minutes you can give to the topics write i know you will have lot of pending work to do but then you need to start somewhere and remember never make your goal too ambitious just in chunks please like in iteration of a week suppose next week its my birthday i had certain goal that i will try to accomplish and then surely i would treat myself with a cake kind do not make monthly goal one week goal and proper time management is enough have a vision board
And girl watch your thoughts for yourself you can change the things for you when you wholeheartedly tries for it so have positive affirmation like simple one like i always say i can handle it no matter how situation is despite me being absolutely clueless about so many things but i am like i am ready to fight
so your cycle should be now work hard – rest — revise —treat yourself .

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dhvani @dhvanee

Yeah, we’re here to listen. Speak your heart out.


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