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Anyone here feels the same?
I feel like i don’t have a bestfriend. Like, the bestfriend you share everything with, the bestfriend you connect to the most.
Now that i think about it again… I really don’t have one haha. I do have close friends, homies i hang out with a lot on weekends, middle school friends who are still in touch with me until now i’m almost graduating from university, but to have one truly bestfriend who understands me and vice versa… hmm i don’t think i have.

It’s okay, right? I do feel lonely sometimes but yeah… I don’t have a bestfriend but I still have some friends so i think it’s fine. Hopefully.

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I feel you, buddy. This is like my case. yes, I have good friends but you know not that close. I’m about to get graduated in like 2 months but nope I don’t have this bestie bestie with whom you can share everything and anything with. And I think it’s completely okay and totally fine. Have a good day yo! <3

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Simran @st1199

It’s completely fine, buddy. You have real friends at least, right? You mentioned closed friends and you hang out with people so you have them to talk then why does it feel lonely?🙆

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Riya Ghosh @riyaghosh

I got you frnd! I too feel like this, i too have many frnds but i don’t have that one frnd whom i can share everything, trust blindly. It happens with everyone,in some phase of life.
It is absolutely ok to feel like this.
Till then have patience and be positive.
Have a nice day <3


The old concept of best friend is very rare now. In today’s world where your friend circle changes it is very difficult to be in touch. Just make friends with whom you can talk daily. Try making new friends, you’ll find someone with whom your understanding or thoughts match.
To start with let’s become friends.

jay @jay12



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