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Any suggestions how to fall asleep faster


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Calm music…n dhaer saari baatein…:(

Yeps. 😅, N u knw it. N other ways r sleep meditation, where u could focus on ur breath n count them n shut ur eyes in the process or do kapal bhati, when there would be loss of oxygen % in ur brain. U will kinda faint or sleep… n if u r feeling low… I’m always here to talk brother 🤜🤛

Trust me one more thing, open ur books 😅


I’ll try kapalbhati😅

Arrey. Aayi neend fir raat ko ? Baba ji 😹


Yeah just lay down calm yourself a bit n while stearing at ceiling blink fast as you can …it helps a lot

Trust me it leads to overthinking n nothing less 😅