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m @mihikaaa

board exams in 3 days… i dont think im well prepared. i feel very scared and anxious in this moment. my heart is beating so fast and my chest hurts
i wanted to go to delhi university. i’;ll have to let go of that dream then, even if i do well in the entrance my board marks will count
plus this number will follow me for the rest of my life

i was a good student once:( ive let down everyone that had expectations of me - my family, my teachers, myself. i hate myself so much. i can never concentrate on anything.

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I can understand. I am in the same situation. I only have 2 papers left. Even i was devasted by how poorly i performed and i cried the whole day after chemistry exam. It hurts more because once i was a top student. But lately i have come to terms with the fact that whatever happened was a lesson to me. I performed poorly because of my own negligence, laziness, procrastination and over confidence. I took it as a lesson to further not repeat this again in my life. So you should do the same. Whatever you have prepared go give the examination and do your best. And even if this one goes bad it’s alright just watch 12th fail and RESTART! All the bestt buddy

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Divya @divya_niki


Central boards or state board exams?


As someone who has gone through that I want to tell you that in your life after this part you will get tons of opportunity to get back up and when those opportunities come please don’t hold back because of your anxieties. Take responsibility for the past and move forward that way the burden your feeling will be lighter.

It takes a strong person to bounce back


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