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Rash @rashminator

Anxiety anxiety anxiety. Not sure what’s triggering but not able to stay calm since morning.

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Ohh ! Try to stay calm ! That’s it ! Deep breaths

Rash @rashminator



Don’t think about what makes you anxious ! Stress less and do something that really makes you happy when anxiety hits

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AnonymousFriend @friendanonymou

Since morning? You are tired in just 1 day? Lul

Rash @rashminator

Huh? Why are you on such an app when you can’t help others bro?

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AnonymousFriend @friendanonymou

Sometimes a reality check is the best help. But since you commented you don’t know what that is, so just go move on.


Avoid caffeine


Just start writing,take a page and starting writing after 2 or 3 pages, you will find the reason what’s bothering you and you will feel better 😊
You just have to write what you are feeling you can also write like, you are not feeling well, you are not relaxed anymore…
You can try this and please take good care of yourself ✌🏻


I can feel it. Going through it right now😓😓

Hatsun Arokya @playful_wir...



At this point u have to hold ur current thoughts by switching over to activity that makes u calm …
1. Have 10 mins Alom Vilom
2. Take a shower for at least 15 min


How are you feeling now

Amit Kejriwal @kelkimble10...

Same here it starts in morning high heart rate 95 to 100 even while sitting feeling uneasiness and not able to focus on anything. It feels like it’s not me any more don’t feel like watching movies or watch anything don’t feel like talking to friends also it’s really bad.


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