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Jenavieve @jennadn

I dont want to talk people who expect me to talk to them. I cannot engage in this way anymore!
I am truely okay with this. My preference is via email.

I have asked this particular company to only contact me via email as it is hard to understand these people and challenging to talk with them, especially as they are strangers and they do not speak my language. I have no connection with them. The company has to do works on my apartment, not within my choice.

I have been respectful via email communication and told them my boundary (email communication only) yet they still bang on my door and invade my safe space. I am not okay with this and i dont make accomodations for others anymore espeially when they choose to ignore my boundary. I have been clear from the beginning. It’s all documented on email. They have chosen to ignore this and so i ignore them. If they want to create a problem for me in my safe space, i create an even bigger one for them.

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