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Falling Limits @nobody9

… And now it feels like i dont deserve anybody. Im just a huge mistake. He is always misunderstanding me for some miscommunication😭😭😭… I want to end it but doesn’t want neither because I love him so much

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Ranadeep Das @raptorscrm

If something doesn’t makes you happy . You have the right to leave it behind. Because at the end of the your happiness is all that matters.

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Shivay @shivay2595

Nooo. You are never a mistake.
It’s his fault that he’s emotionally not capable and don’t have that mental capacity to understand things. And instead creates misunderstanding and then blames and fight you.
See it’s your life and you should choose you.
Your life matter
Your mental and emotional health matters.
He’s way too toxic and it will be better for you to leave him and be alone and happy.
All the more power, love and peace to you

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