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An important message to all humans 😊
If we want to stop bad situations coming at us then I will share my opinion about the harsh reality and key actions to become better human beings.
Environmental recovery could be one of the possible reasons why the coronavirus happened. It had to be this way because we were on the edge to destroy our natural resources like for example in Brazil and Australia. We humans never listen to given advices from experienced scientists and the money, having always been the centre of everything, made us completely blind on what is going on around us. We will kill ourselves because of our selfishness and fighting on who will buy more food in supermarkets when critical situations arise. We have to be proactive and think ahead and not reactive once we are weak. Stop being over competitive and lets collaborate everyone today and in the future. Lets keep the world clean once the virus ends!
We people are like puppet dolls being manipulated and outplayed by big corporations that know in advance what will happen to us in the next 20-30 years. Churches have done also a ‘wonderful’ job to categorize different religions, creating wars and hatred rather than unity as one species known as humans. Powerful messages from designated idols have brainwashed our minds and inhibited us to follow our own opinions and feelings. We are too afraid to go out and tell our corrupted governments to stop being selfish and start helping poor people who don’t even have a normal place to live and eat basic food. Politicians have achieved their plans giving us a ‘comfortable’ life designed for us to become lazy on our couches watching Netflix and starring on our useless ‘smartphones’ which have become smarter than us.
Animals are better than us humans. They have a much simpler life and don’t need to worry who has more money or to which religion an animal belongs.
People think the capitalist race of acquiring a ‘good job’ and receive ‘more money’ is a healthy process. Our egos have been pumped up, unconsciously got stuck in that bubble not allowing us to think beyond ourselves. We have become afraid to be alone and truly understand ourselves. We always have to judge everyone because of unpleasant life events that made ourselves hurt. Instead of recovering ourselves we dump our own shit to other innocent people’s minds.
If the human mind will not evolve, we deserve a bad ending all of us. Our collective awareness is zero at the moment, thinking only negatively why a person has to be better than another one. In our minds we think that everyone is different but in reality we are all the same. We all need a place to live, food and drinks. If we don’t change soon, then it has become the time for all of us to be wiped out for good, because we have become too arrogant, forgetting what means to love our lives and everything around us. It is all about the choices we make, so what the hell we are not helping each other. Arguments and fights have become tiring for most of the people who only want to stay safely with their families and live a peaceful life. If humans are stronger together as community, rest assured that we would not need to consume chemicals, sugar, alcohol, drugs to cheer us up temporarily and distance ourselves from reality.
Please beautiful people, from every corner around world, lets help together to keep your countries, cities and villages in a healthy state of mind, so that no one is suffering around us. There is still hope for us if we smile and keep positive.

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Meher Singh @mehersingh

I agree with the point you gave about the coronavirus outbreak being a wake-up call for the human race as a whole, since we have, for so many years, neglected the ongoing climate crisis and careless consumption of natural resources. It’s time we all accept the reality and realise the gravity of the current situation, which is the result of our own negligence and ignorance towards the earth and its abundant resources.
Today in India, we were to stand on our terraces, balconies, doorways, and clap our hands/ring bells, to appreciate and honour the efforts of support workers, people who work in hospitals, airports, who are having to work every single day amidst this dangerous pandemic. We live in a community (rowhouses) and so when we went to our terrace, we could see everyone else on their balconies, clapping their hands, beating plates, ringing bells. It was a great sight and we even saw videos of people in their flats, doing the same. This was all over the country. It was truly wonderful to see people coming together to do something good, even if it was just a simple act of kindness and gratitude. And this is among the many things that this virus outbreak has taught us, community living. Staying at home with our families has led to us spending more time with, and taking care of each other.
Over the years, humans have forgotten the simple ways of living, which included community support and compassion towards nature and our surroundings. We have forgotten our responsibility towards the earth and our environment. We have lost the unity and togetherness we once had as a species. We have become selfish and ignorant of the people around us. We have made divisions amongst ourselves and have created hatred towards each other. In that sense, animals do lead a better life than humans. They have a simpler way of doing things and stay in unison with their community or species.
The only thing left is for us to open our eyes and minds, accept the grave situation, take preventive measures, and come together, to support and save ourselves. We really need to stay calm and positive in a dire situation like this, and be hopeful for a better future.


I totally agree with you. Thank you for your efforts.


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