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An I the only one who will die bcoz of periods pain ig I’m really going to end of my life today😭😭😶

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Mr.Felix @lan

not really. it is not the same for everyone. some won’t feel any pain, but for some people it is the worst. my girlfriend too face the worst pain during the time of the month, last time she was not able to walk to the toilet to vomit. yes, she was vomiting as well. so this has nothing to do with “ending your life” girl, take a painkiller and get some rest, but don’t always rely on that.


I had taken pain killer also hot bag but the situation is getting worst

Mr.Felix @lan

there’s nothing else we could do right… so just remember, nothing lasts forever. even this shall pass.


I don’t know how would it feel. But sending you some virtual hugs and chocolates. You are stronger than this, okay? You’ll be alright. :)



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