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Akash Gupta @akash1600

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi Ji

What happens if someone does the opposite of the quote in a relationship (mtlb agar koi ek relationship Mei iska ulta kare ki tumne late reply diya tha to Mei bhi late dungi)

Is that relationship good or not?

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Akash Gupta @akash1600


I know it’s a toxic relationship but what I do now

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Khushi @khushi2001


No that’s not the way, that’s immaturity. First of all you don’t know if the person is purposely replying late or what. If the person repeatedly replies late that that to on purpose you need to talk, not repeat the same thing with them. If is still doesn’t sorts out then just ask yourself if this relationship itself is worth considering and you shall be fine

Akash Gupta @akash1600


She replies to me that you always late reply to me so I do the same with you but she knows I am so busy at that time when she messages me so that’s why my reply was late not intentionally late but she reply late full of intention

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