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Am I the only one that complains about being single but never does anything about it change it? I dont want to be alone anymore obviously在ut I dont put myself out there. I dont try to meet guys. I want to be in a relationship and do all the couple things, but at the same time Im okay being alone right now.
I know this probably doesnt make sense and I sound so silly but I think about this every day. Ill find my soulmate someday. I pray its soon because Im tired of going to bed alone. 不

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You want to be in a relationship? I guess u didnt mean what u wrote in that song about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :0

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Same. My friends told me to put efforts but i will just think about having a gf

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My friends tell me I have to stop being picky and actually talk to guys.
Its too much pressure. Maybe one day Ill put myself out there, but for now匈ll stick to ready books and thinking my soulmate is out there looking for me.


Well I was looking for you. Finally got you

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I got you安here were you all these days?

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Ive been binging a lot of shows and reading a lot waiting


Where are you from?


I really love to be single
I know thats against trend
And people feel ashamed to be single
But doing something because others want
Is waste of time
In my opinion

So i will advice
Be happy to be single


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