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Am i heartless,selfish and a person who plays with hearts? I feel like im a bad was my first time to hangout and be friends with boys.a person who i felt a little crush on became a frnd to me and then proposed me and now we are in a relation.but i feel like not having that much connection with him.i be normal even without talking to him like i feel him like a friend bond but what should i do i accepted his proposal becuz afraid of loosing such a friend.what should i do now??i cant tell him to break up nor tell him to stuck.yes i think about myself all the tyms but also im scared to loose people.what am i? Can anyone tell me whats going on with me?

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You should be more clear with your thoughts and wants . Give yourself first priority before committing anything .

Divishtha @divishtha

So you’re saying you didn’t fall for him? Maybe give it a chance, don’t lie to him. And if it still doesn’t happen talk it out! Either way it’ll hurt him but its truth isbbetter that lies.


I just want him to hate me.i really dont wanna loose a friend like him.


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