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Am I a bad daughter?

I currently finished college, and I’m living with my father and brother. My mom is currently on our hometown, it’s an island in my country and it costs a lot of money to visit. My parents aren’t divorced or anything, but since we have an Airbnb in my hometown my mother’s the one taking care of it.

I feel like I have lived in this city for a decade now, and I’d love to start looking for job opportunities here, I’ll be visiting my mom for 3 weeks, but my father said that I should send CV’s to companies over there ( pls keep in mind that’s an island, so job opportunities are not the best in my opinion and it depends a lot on tourism) So I said that I don’t think it’s appropriate since I’ll be coming back to the city anyway and I really love the city. But he got mad at me and said that I did not had love in my heart towards my mother, and that I’m only thinking of myself.

I felt really bad about it, I’m already 23 years old and I’d love to experience new things, meet new people and do things that make me feel excited. I love my parents, but I feel like I care a lot about what they want me to do and what they think about me. I’m the youngest of 7 siblings and people assume that that fact makes me a spoiled or ungrateful brat, and because of this I feel like I always have to be trying my best for everything, don’t answer back and hold back my tears. I hate that I’m sensible. I feel like I’m such a disappointment.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author
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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

You are responsible daughter and don’t think whether you are responsible or irresponsible by this situation just you try to apply on both the places island and city also rest it depends on luck where you will get a job because after getting job may be situation gets changed…


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