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amal prem @amalprrm

Am feeling soo detached from people even from my close friends. Also i fell like, am being available for their every need and am not getting their time. But this unavailability of my close friends is occurring rarely only, but my mind says to deatch. Why is it like that

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Your @your_virtualpal


Maybe you are overthink everything or you might have done so much for them and have not recieved what you expected.
It’s ok if you feel like detaching you can for sometime… there is nothing wrong in taking a break. Get detached for sometime and then about everything maybe after sometime if you feel like they are worth or feel like to continue your friendship you can

amal prem @amalprrm


Maybe that might be the case. My overthinking. I think i should take some time off

Deepika @believer_0039


Its good to detach if you dont feel you belong to them,friendship and love cannot be forced it happens naturally.


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