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Karishhhh @karishmartinez

Always be thankful for receiving so much love from someone without even asking for it don’t take it for granted because time would pass and you would not receive it like you used to n you’ll miss it…then you would be deprived of receiving that much love ,affection it’s just one life that I have and I’m currently begging for love attention which sucks I hate it because I’ve never done it in my life if someone is making me feel like that I don’t think they are worthy of my love right? Should I detach too? I think I’ll do that it’ll be good for me because I’m the only one who is showing love so much and not receiving any of it πŸ˜‚ I can’t forget days whn I was being treated right and I was shown so much immense , crazy, abundance love. It was selfless. I feel light hearted after sharing this.

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