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Mehak Agarwal @mehakagarwa...

Alright so this post isn’t about me but this other girl who has an envious attitude towards me. Ive had to deal with all the rumours she’s spread and the bullshit she’s talked about me the past few years. We used to be really good friends and at one point she told me that she wished she could be like me. I am not in a position to say “oh I know how you feel” because honestly, I don’t. And believe me I’m not bragging about that. Jealousy or wanting to be someone you’re not will only bring you down and I cannot stress this enough. You always keep a tab on what I’m doing or who I’m with and this is getting on my nerves. Ive tried to calm things down between us and become friends again but it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s like she’s not putting in the effort. I know I could just let this go and not give two fucks about this but I don’t want to end things on a bad note.

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Khushboo @khushboo

Friends are the family we choose. They play an important part in our lives. But this relation is good only if it’s from both sides. Just efforts by you won’t complete your friendship. Atleast that person should also take some efforts. 
So don’t try too much for them also.


you’ve tried your best to be friends, if she isn’t reciprocating, forget about it


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