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Alone, depressed, broke from inside

3 replies

Hi samarraaz. I’m sorry that you have to go through this. Just know that I am here to listen to you, about literally anything that’s disturbing or bothering you or if you just want to vent out and need someone to just listen. Go ahead :)

Qbogdan @qbogdan


Hey,i really understand what you feel…I am feeling the same things right now.Try to talk with the ones that can support you,it doesn’t have to be someone from your family,it can be a friend,a very close one that you can trust,or even a stranger on this site,i hope you will find someone that can help you more than i could with this comment.


heyy! we’re here from each other and the both of us are having relationship problems. I get how you feel but hey I’m always here for you.


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