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All the thing is described in my @ name …

Here it is. I’m from Belgium and left for Japan where I my husband lived. I left my family and country for him. We married one year after I’ve got in Japan. I was 20 he was 27.

I waited almost 7 years to have à proper wedding, that’s was a total disaster.
The place where we made the wedding delayed a lot the hair set trial and make up. Finally we found out that the hair and make up artist couldn’t even don’t a simple ponytail not a proper liner wing.
I had to don’t my hair and make myself the day of my wedding … can you believe it …? The day you’re supposed to be taken care of…
my husband spent the whole ceremony talking to his friend, he didn’t looked at me once not told me I was beautiful. He just told me «  yah your hair and make up is same than usual » YEAH ?! Maybe because I had to do it myself looser !!!
He decided that we would arrived together at the guest room … so no bride walk for me… I felt like he wanted all the spotlight on him …
he didn’t even put the ring on my finger … the wedding staff forgot to make us sign the wedding no agreement paper which was the most important part for me …
how come ??? I spent all my money on this wedding and I feel like it was the worst day of my life … it’s been over a Year now but I’m still making nightmare about it and feel so depressed… I feel like I will never have a proper wedding … it was the dream of my life now I’m 27 and feel so old… Sometimes I’m even thinking of getting a divorce even tho I love my husband just to get a proper nice wedding …

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Simran @st1199

So, it’s been 7 years since your marriage.
To suggest, if your partner doesn’t value you if he doesn’t respect you if he takes you for granted, if he doesn’t value you as a wife rather would like to spend time somewhere else, then you should think about a divorce.

Getting a divorce for a wedding isn’t suitable however if you feel the above-mentioned reasons then you should even if you love him. In relation, things work on both sides and not one way. You will regret it after 15 years so it’s better to take a step right now. Or talk to him about everything, see his opinions, and then form a judgment of your life. You can’t sacrifice your whole life for a man who isn’t your worth, right?


You’re totally right. The reason why I took a long time to answer is because I tough of your message. And realized you’re right. Enduring this situation for an extra 5,10,15 years would be impossible for me.
After a long talk we decided that if for the rest of this year we doesn’t plan to fix things it would come to end.

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Simran @st1199

Thank you for considering it.
It’s good that you both discussed things. And will have a clear understanding of your relationship.

I wish you All the best in either way your life goes. 💜


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