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All the mess in friendship, love life and social life made me stand blank. Do you think it is better to stay alone and enjoy solitude than having emotional bond with people? Any idea?

Post anonymously?

You bring up two good questions to ask.
Do you like being alone? Have you tried it?
Everything that changes us happens when some incident occurs but it’s always nice to evaluate if it’s worth leave everything behind or hold on to it but keep it at a distance.


Dear, I am also in this situation as you.sometime we think to make happy everyone but we lose our happiness. And we tired of everything. If you connected emotionally with friends and people you should leave them for a week and if 2 or 3 weeks it will good for you because if they cared you they ask you why you disappear and they approach you if they did not care they will not approach you so you will know who is yours and who is not.and it is your life whatever you want it is just my suggestion for you.


I feel like that way so many times but trust me, we all need some sort of a social interaction to survive. I guess that’s why I have become a little more thoughtful before opening up to someone, I’d say build emotional bonds but build them with people who cherish and respect you! I hope this helps.