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swaraagni @swara777

Ajj socha phrr Nayi shuruaat karte Hai Lekin phrr se chook gayi…
Lekin abhi abhi toh hope jaggi hai mai aise Kaise haar maan jaau…

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Deepak sharma @deepak2405

Kiski shuruvat krne ja rhe hai ap

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

Don’t loose hope
Everyday is new beginning
Old happenings might affect new days but be strong pull them out of your way
Everyone is going through something
You can be strong even to be happy and enjoy your day

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Vipul C @lupiv

If you’ve decide to jump in a fight with a promise to yourself, win will be yours. And that my dear is a fact. Fight till you’ve the fight in you.


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