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syah @soulmateneededasap

ah…school… for me, it equals to hell. With tons of assignment in gc… and the teacher keeps babbling all day…and the f covid? My home + my dad? The second hell.
Well…my paradise???
My pastel green private queen sized bedroom that I love so much… and also my gadgets… that’s a must.
The point is…where the hell are the people who I loved so much…gone? Busy with work? the hell I know?
Sometimes…the internet is the cure for my loneliness… it always have been…

and I hate that…

because it means that…


1 reply

I feel you on that, school sucks.
Ya my dad sucks too, it’s hard when parents don’t understand.
My paradise would probably be just an open field so I can run, scream and just be me for once.
I learned that the loneliest people have the most creative mind, that’s why the internet is out safe space, we can be creative without being judged.
I wouldn’t say you’re lonely, I think you’re to unique for these boring people:)


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