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Lia @leelia

Again something random I wrote while thinking of someone( i deleated it by mistake sorry if anyone sees this again lol)


You left me in the dark
now tell me, don’t you feel bad?
how can you look at me like that?
What will you do to fix me?
to fix the damage you’ve done
you left and left in me so much pain
I’m still so young
and not so strong
So what will you do? you broke me
Now, you, come and fall along
it’s unfair that only I get to lose it all
that I’m the only one left alone
you’ve done me so wrong
you left me for anyone
but you to me where someone
hate to think you never thought of me as one

Just come and take responsibility
Cause if it ain’t you who will it be
Just come and take responsibility
There’s no other possibility
So come and take responsibility
For what you’ve done
Not anyone
But what you’ve done

For the promises you didn’t keep
For the important days you’ll always miss
For the careless words that still persist
For all the white lies
The tears in my eyes
The never said goodbyes
The silent cries
The secrets we hide

I still keep the bracelet you gave me
I still remember it’s seven-letter word
I know, it’s so absurd
it’s nothing special
just overused
especially by the one’s who only know how to use

I’m still amazed
you threw 10 years adrift
like ‘we’ never existed
but I’m kind of unfazed
doesn’t it always go this way?
I guess even a decade isn’t much
for someone to play a stranger’s role
to play on and move on
like I am just anyone

Who would’ve told me
one day ill wake up to nothing
who could’ve imagined
we’d be so tragic

It feels so weird
to always have you near
near, but so far away
different but we are still the same
to you i might just be a stranger with memories
but to me, you’re still the one I miss
the one I’d do everything with
Like a fool, in my head
ur still the one that I go to
all my problems start and end with you
like that seven-letter word
I hold onto your seven-letter name
after all, only i lost this game
but it’s real life and guess what
there’s no re-play

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