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Barnali Dave @barnalii

After very recent breakup, today I felt like taking my life because I overthink and everything… then my bestf helped me over it a little bit directly and indirectly too. I feel good. I think I have hopes that I will find someone who is perfect for me and will last forever loving me the way I deserve and I too can give him the love he deserves. But the thing is I’m an introvert and I don’t have any close or good friends in my college right now or in society or anywhere near, so how to make new friends and how should I find my love?? Just having hopes is not enough ig, you have to put efforts for getting g someone in your life even if he only becomes your male bestie. Any advices or suggestions???

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Avinnash Kumar @avinnash_k...

IMO you can’t force or find love from someone
love is something very precious that you can’t find…its something you feel

you cant chase love, it chases you at the right time from the right person

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Valli @pari_01

People around you might make you seem that your lonely but If u try new things everyday I feel being ur self alone Is the best thing…and I don’t think love can cure everything…so don’t try for anything that u can’t force…it will find ur self when right times come…

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anuj @anujvohra

Just be yourself and be a better version of yourself…people will come to you…be genuine…it will work

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