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After several relationship mess and flings i got into a conclusion that i am not capable of love. Yet i am longing for this. May be i am destined to observe it in the surroundings. I hope i can get some comforting words here. Any kind words?

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I don’t know when you are going to find love but I do know that sometimes it takes a long time till you do. All you should do is love yourself and also be yourself. Also, surround yourself with the people you love like your friends and other people. Just know that you are an amazing person and I don’t need to meet you to know that. And remember to be yourself. The reason why those relationships did not work out might be because they are not the right one for you.
Also if you noticed there was something not right you normally do in those relationships, try to work on that.
I know the right person for you would come but you have to be patient.
Keep living your life ; )


relationships can be an adventure. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect.

So for now…enjoy your own company?


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