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After several heartbreaks i am trying to build my life and heart strong. But my exes are not happy for that. They wanted to ruin my life, my reputation. Just because i said no for their sexual need, they portray me like a slut. Why me? Please let go off me

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Hareet Narhan @hareetn


I know this situation can be so hard but I know you can get through this. Keep focusing on you and remind yourself how strong and amazing you are everyday.

People are always going to say crap but thats just because they’re jealous of you and how well you’re doing in life. Those type of peoples opinions mean nothing, try to block them from social media and stay away from them.

Girl you are so much stronger than you even know πŸ’š


People will always say things about us, but don’t worry you are a strong woman and don’t let anything affect you.

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