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After NEET I have been living with my parents for last 3 days and its far from relaxing. Even after my hard work I am not expecting a sure admission in govt. med college, on above that my mother and I have constant issues. we do not agree on most of the things. After many months I sat with my grandmother and now my dad n mom are creating chaos of it. honestly since past three years of my life I am having suicidal tendencies but my parents think I do this to scare them and get my wishes fulfilled. I am the unluckiest girl in this world. I know this life is precious but I have no interest in my living.

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Are dude result toh aane do… u’ll think abt where u’ll go after that… Tell that to ur parents too


Please reach out to a friend or anyone you think is reliable. I am sure there are people who would much rather see you alive than laying in a coffin. As for NEET ,I understand the pressure considering I am an aspirant myself and am gonna give it in 2022 and I am sure that I won’t get in govt college because my prep shouldn’t even be called prep. Are you planning on dropping a year? do you think you could take that? Let the results come, and you can plan it out. semi govts are good also (ik the money part is a hectic) are you happy with your prep? and it is okay to fail, make sure you rise up everytime you do not give up ever. Giving up is never gonna do you good. you end your life and then what? you want even be able to do your hobbies, you won’t be able to go to college. you won/t be able to speak to your grandma, you won’t be able to do better and prove yourself. I hope you don’t do it and really take care! I hope everything becomes alright for you love. Xx