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Vinny @goodly_dream_2

After moving on it’s been 1 month in healing phase I excel my skills and got job, I changed the city i was busy with new friends got myself new car and rented good apartment

I have did all to distract myself and forget the past but still some part of my heart is tend to be with her who cheated in relationship who gave hardest and darkest phase of my life who never ever came back to say even sorry about what is did

Why i am still having soft corner for her i want to be single again not rebound relationship to forget her. Damm god it look like i am really struggling with my past

Life is unfair to me, I deserve happiness

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Aaliyah K @aaliyahhhk

I’m sorry :/

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Life is tough. Shit happens. Happens with us all. I’ve moved to a different country and still miss her but life goes on. No one cares if you’re happy. So stop feeling sad for yourself and keep working. You’re a man and that’s how we are supposed to be built. You can vent out your feelings in case you want to. All the best mate.


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