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after knowing Sushant death which haunts many people even me too then it starts blaming about nepotism that Bollywood nepotism is killing the talent maybe somewhere is true. So nepotism isn’t in Bollywood it began firstly from us. Thinks about Dalits people or poor people they also face so many challenges in their life. we/I were/was taught to stay away from these and even people don’t touch them or not allowed them to give opportunities to study or even basic rights. ik this isn’t connecting at all but all I want to tell u nepotism is everywhere. It’s like getting more importance then other peoples, the best examples I could say is - bhai mere papa ki jaan pahchan hai woh kra dege or got entry to party because uk the owner or got admission in college through donation etc there an infinite example of that. All I want to say that getting to know the problem, ok but for killing, we need to go to the base of the problem then fucking kill it from its roots so it will never able to grow again ever.
Together we can and we will

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I cried today in the morning for him…disturbed tooo .But all the efforts of showing affection and trying to find more through fake articles and clips makes me feel more down. What i did was to unsubscribe all those fake channels.To customize my youtube and google pages to dispose the fake news. He was an intellect ,a unique man whose presence was not appreciated when he was alive.So we can firstly show respect to his soul by not questioning his decision and secondly stop watching the petty bollywood shows and their promotional activities. They do it for viewers .That’s us. For him and the coming stars.
Like u mentioned it is in every field,but if one ,back out it is a win.First let us step back and be an example. Hashtags are not for that legend he is our hearts forever.His presence will be felt.


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