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Lilithlives @lilithlives

After being trafficked, beaten and raped 3 years ago, my new bf of 2 years tells me my depression and anxious distress are an excuse and that I am just a negative person. Tells me that he doesn’t pay his portion of rent because he is too busy dealing with me and my emotions. I don’t have anyone to talk to because he has pushed them all away with his restrictions disguised as his needs.

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Lilithlives @lilithlives

Verbally yes


Find time for yourself, even if it bothers you, you feel alone or you cry or anything. Just be with yourself. You don’t need people like these in you life. You will have to let them go. Because it is just you holding them, he is long gone.

Lilithlives @lilithlives

Thank you

Mayank @mayank_27

You break up with him and you enjoy yourself


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