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After a long long time I am getting these feeligs of loneliness. I was completely okay, busy with my work and enjoying my life. Idky since the past 2-3 days I’m feeling lonely and as if no one gets me and just simply feeling restless. There’s no reason for this per se but I just don’t feel so stable since a few days.

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i feel this might be a phase, where you’re unsure and restless, which isn’t wrong, don’t worry. it’s okay to lose your shit from time to time. to be honest, when you’re feeling lonely is the best time to try and understand yourself, your thoughts and your needs. reach out to your friends and family when you need them, reach out to us with your problems, but remember that this could be your opportunity to understand yourself because in the long run, you are your longest commitment. if you still feel unstable, I suggest meditation. if you believe in it, it’ll work for you ??


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