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After a few weeks of extreme pain and sadness, I somehow managed to calm myself down. And now, I am feeling so numb, that there is no real joy in anything. Once the moment is gone, it is gone. I feel like if I even try to recapture that moment in my mind, it will hurt me. My body was shutting down due to the sadness and heartbreak I was going through. For now, it feels OK. But I canโ€™t shake the feeling that my heart will be broken again and no one truly cares. Even the one I trusted and loved for so long.

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I empathize with you. In my opinion, heartbreak is one of the most painful things a human being can experience and it can take a very large amount of time to recover. Thatโ€™s the thing about relationships with other humans: you are genuinely always taking risks. Whether it be with friends or romance, youโ€™re actively choosing to place your trust and feelings in someone elseโ€™s hands. I canโ€™t say there wonโ€™t be times where your trust is broken with someone new, but I will say, it will pay to be very cautious but not too cautious when taking new risks with others. Really feel them out before committing and if all else fails, perhaps take a break from relationships to recover with self love and time. The right person will come around if you keep looking, you should just always be looking out for you at the end of the day.


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