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After 20 something years of constantly giving up on my dream to study abroad, I am finally deciding to go. And now I’m scared as heck. I had 2 options to apply to, one of which I didn’t get in because the program got full. I will know the decision of the other one in 2 months.

My heart is in my mouth everyday, I’m scared. I’m scared what if I waste all my parents’ money, what it I am not able to earn enough to fund myself, even though everyone around me constantly tells me it’s possible and thousands of students do it.

What if I don’t get in, what if it doesn’t happen. I’m so scared. And this is a dream of mine ever since I have come to realise my existence.

I’m scared out of my wits!

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Anony Mouse @zapadoz

I am also going to study abroad next year your fears are understandable and had some myself


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