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After 2-3 years of moving on from the girl, I used to love. Finally, I have started feeling for someone. That someone is like my best friend from the last 2 years. From the moment I accepted that I love this girl, things started becoming messy in my head. I automatically started to expect things from her. Its hurts when she replies late or when she go to sleep without talking to me. I have started to tell her what all things I love about her but I am afraid this will make things awkward or she would be uncomfortable. She is the sweetest person on this planet and I don’t want to lose her at any cost. She is my comfort zone. I dont know what all I should do… Dont know whether she feels the same way or not. I dont think I have power to confess this because I just cant risk losing her. I know for a fact I wouldn’t also able to handle it if my heart breaks again. What should I do?

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As my opinion I think you should confess it and check it wether she have feelings or not … and if answer was no than love your self and do something that you want to do it’s not like you can’t take breathing without her so cheer up and let’s think that God have something better I hope you like my thoughts


In my opinion, if you think your friendship is not worth taking the risk and you don’t wanna lose her and also you are fine with everything the way it is rn, leave it as it is. Bcs love turns a lot messy after a while, I mean it depends on your maturity level to.
If u really wish to see her as your girlfriend or you want to let her know how much you love her, just go and confess it. If she feels the same, then you can be together. Or if she doesnt, ask her to play cool n you too play cool. (Here’s a brownie point, by my personal experience, when my guy best frnd expressed his feelings, I was a lil dicey later … I changed a lil with him like behaviour wise n all. But after a while, he made me feel comfortable saying that “I do have feelings for u but I don’t wanna lose you. Be my bestfriend always”.)
So be sure within yourself that WHAT YOU WANT and also be ready to face the consequences as well. If you don’t tell her then stop expecting things bcs ofc she isn’t your girlfriend n she can’t read your mind anyways and also be good at hiding n keeping her as a frnd.
And if you wish to tell her then accept whatever the reply will be and try to play cool n as bestfriend’s only after she’s said a no to feelings.!


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