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Actually I’m not feeling normal this past few days. I’m a victim of domestic violence. My husband hit me whenever he is angry. I had a chance to file a case against him but since it’s pandemic it’s getting longer and longer waiting. I don’t know what to do now. Please help.

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sorry if i’m not very helpful because i’m very young… but have you tried contacting any close family members where you could stay ? i think the best route is to avoid him at all times. if you can’t get away worst case scenario would be to hit back ( as defence ) but that would seem as to cause more problems. so you should tried to get away from him but if it’s resolved to defending yourself please be careful xx


Thank you for your concern. I already left him after his last attack. I finally decided to seek help from authority.

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

i am so so so glad you’re finally away from him but do make sure you don’t always rely 100% on authority because as any emergency they are the go to people but during this pandemic they can be very unreliable / busy. i hope everything goes well with you xx

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