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Himanshu @himanshujangra

Achi khasa Mummy se argument mei jit rha hota hu ki bs Mummy apna brahmastra chala deti hai ki" Isi din ke liye tujhe pala bada kiya ye din dikhane ke liye tu apni Maa se juban… Isi din ke ke liye tujhe 9 mahine apne andr rkha" Kasam se is dialogue ke baad insan sach mei bebas ho jata hai ki kya kre ab… Or aaj meri maa ne kaha ki mai nhi rahungi tb pta chalega aisa bolkar unhone mujhse ghar ke sare kaam karwa liye… πŸ₯Ί

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Himanshu @himanshujangra


Haa bhai πŸ₯Ί


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