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Acha so I have a long distance relationship.

So yesterday I went to my friends home for new year party. I was little drunk not much I called my bf to wish him new year then we start talking and I shared him every minute details of the party like how I am missing him and I am not liking some people in the party especially these 3 boys who keeps revolving around me. So he got worried and got angry that how some guy can come and like starts dancing with you. I shared with him that they all are like wishing new year to each like how French people greet (by kissing on cheeks). Even there was a guy who’s married and he did the same to a guy’s gf. But that guy (who has gf) was just asking me to dance not bothering about his gf. Yaar I know boys don’t get that drunk easily. I kind of avoided him by saying I don’t dance like that.

So he literally got worried and I didn’t had anything since morning except drinks. My friends called me for dinner at 2pm I guess so I hunger up the call and said good night.

Now he is not receiving my call.

I just wanted to know if I should share every detail to him,? I dont want him to be worrried about me. I just told him just for talking that’s it.

Can anyone suggest me like literally what should I share and what shouldn’t ? Like I’m very dumb when it comes to relationships. I had a one terrible past relationship after that I never had any bf. He is my second and I really don’t want him to lose.

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Sanket @sanket

Sharing details is absolutely fine and any partner would feel worried or show concerns when their partner is being approached by others, it’s natural.
What you can do is assure him that you were/are safe and it’s all good between you both.


Yes I told him that. But he is like why were you on mute when someone comes to your room? (Just to talk to him I went to some other room, and people (esp boys)are like coming in the room and wishing me new year) and I put him on mute bec all my friends started teasing me like ohooo he is your boyfriend and all. And I don’t want him to listen all those stupid nonsense bec he is a introvert and I don’t know how he would’ve reacted to it. So I thought what he will think of me like I have told everyone about him and all. ( which I did :D)

Sanket @sanket

Muting would have raised suspicious thoughts, again normal.
Next time let him listen that your friends are teasing you, such teaseful actions are also required.


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