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Accepting Weirdness

I think it’s important to accept who you are, but also to accept that not everyone will always accept YOU. It’s impossible to please everyone, and you’ll always upset someone. But it’s not about trying to please everyone or not upset anyone. It’s about trying to accept yourself, trying to find someone who will accept you for who you are… and if there’s no one to do that for you, do it for yourself, be that person for yourself.
It’s not as insurmountable of a task as it may seem. You are not an alien (although that’d be cool, too) and you are not a horrible human being, so that makes the job of accepting yourself actually possible now. And it’s not about settling and accepting yourself as your final self if you feel you’re still developing, still have things to learn, etc. then it becomes accepting that you yourself are okay now and are working towards being even better.

I have to work all the time at it, but I feel I’m almost there. But mean people, bad situations, and the like of course will sometimes bring me back down to less progressed version of myself and then I must go and work again to build myself back up.
It’s about accepting yourself overall, but also working on accepting your flaws. Accepting my own weirdness, accepting that I’ll never be popular, or mainstream, or typical. That was something I had to recognize. That my weirdness is both an ingrained part of me and also a gift that I can use to help myself and others. One day, others will value your strangeness for it’s unique perspective.
If you think about it, everyone is struggling to accept something. Everyone has some weirdness in them. I just have a little more than most. :)

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