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About a year ago, I met this guy who was and still is literally perfect. I began to have feelings for him. On Valentine’s Day, we had been walking together with a couple mutual friends. He told me that he was super happy that he had a valentine. I cried and told my friends what had happened. The next day, I was over him. After that, I had very little to no feelings for him. I just cared about him as a friend. These past few weeks, we have a college class together and during the meetings, he would talk to me privately in the chat. I couldn’t stop smiling and my heart would beat faster when we talked. Also this past week has been super stressful for me and my family. I talked to a close friend of mine about how I was feeling and he told me that I only have feelings for the guy again is because it is my way of coping with everything. I had been wondering whether I actually liked this guy again or if I was just lonely. I believe my friend when he says that I’m just lonely. I just don’t know how to explain my feelings. Like, I am always thinking about him. I wish I could figure everything out.

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We understand its not easy especially when you have classes together. I think its the time to remined your memories what plans you had toward life before met him. Then work on most five priority things in your life to do . Then plan accordingly.


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