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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel

Aao kuch guftago kare…

Aao kuch guftago kare…
Purane mohobat ko mukammal kare ,

Mohobat itni shedat se karo ke jaan nikal jaaye ,
Kisi sharaab mai itni nasha kaha ki humare zubaan se unn ke naam ka kuch galat nikal jaaye ;
Aap ke bare mein baat karu toh log shayari samajte hain ,
Pyar humne kiya tha par bewafa tume samajte hain ,
Tum toh neend cheen ke gayi ho abb inn raaton ka kya kare ?

Aao kuch guftago kare…
Purane lamhon ko kuch yaad kare ,

Bhoolne ki koshish ki hoti toh bhool bhi jaate the ,
Jitna hum toote hain dil tumara bhi uttna todd sakte the ,
Par humne dil mein basake rakhe the tume dhadkan ki taraha ,
Haqqdaar reheti thi pehele abb reheti hain yaadgaar ki taraha ;
Tum toh dhadkan churake gayi ho abb iss dil ka kya kare ?

Aao kuch guftago kare…
Purane jazbaaton ko kuch taza kare ,

Unne toh tawajjuh chahiye tha humne dil de baithe ,
Pyar paane ki koshish mein khud ko kho baithe ;
Hum jiss raste mile woh zindagi ka wasool tha shayad ,
Ishq mein itna khogaye ki bicchadna zaroori tha shayad ;
Tum toh rooh leke gayi ho abb iss jaan ka kya kare ?

Aao kuch guftago kare…
Purane vaadon ko kuch nibhaya kare ,

Mohobat toh hum aaj bhi beshumar karte hain ,
Aapke akas apne aanko mein chupa ke rakhte hain ,
Unn gallion se poocho jaha aaj be humare saaya bhatakta hain ;
Tum toh apni laality ke noor leke nikal chuki ho ,
Par woh hawa jo tumare mehak leke aaj bhi hume chhuti hain uss ka kya kare ?

Aao kuch guftago kare…
Purane ishq ko aazad kare .

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